THE TIGER 1200 XC AND XR RANGE - The new Tiger 1200 range is better in every way. Significantly lighter, by up to 11kg, and with over 100 improvements including a major engine update, Triumph Shift-Assist, up to six riding modes (including the new ’Off-Road Pro’), adaptive cornering lighting, full-colour TFT instruments, LED-lighting, illuminated switchgear, keyless ignition, enhanced rider ergonomics and new premium styling, they’re all built for epic adventures.


Our new Tiger 1200s deliver a major update to off-road capability and all-day comfort. With the next generation Triple engine, more immediate power delivery, up to six riding modes, including new ’Off-Road Pro’ on XC models, enhanced rider ergonomics and weight savings across the whole motorcycle, of up to 11kg, for enhanced agility, they’re ready for the ultimate adventure.


The new 1200 range represents the pinnacle in Tiger technology with new features including adaptive cornering lighting, full-colour TFT instruments, up to six riding modes, all-LED lighting, back-lit switchgear, keyless ignition and Triumph Shift Assist. All this comes on top of extensive core technology including; Triumph Semi-Active Suspension (TSAS), corner-optimised ABS and traction control, hill hold, and electronically adjustable windscreen.


The most powerful shaft-driven engine in its class at 141PS, with a significant update to the torque-laden 1200cc powerplant, for a more immediate power lower down.  Complementing the engine update comes a lighter silencer for both the XC and XR, and a premium Arrow silencer on top spec models, all delivering an even better Tiger Triple sound.


From the road-focused Tiger XR, mid spec XRX and range topping, XRT, to the off-road hungry Tiger XCX and fully-loaded XCA, and not forgetting the XRx Low Ride Height model, there’s a Tiger 1200 tailor-made for everyone, every ride and every epic adventure.

Tiger 1200 XC


Make no mistake, this Tiger has evolved. The new 1200 XC line-up are the most advanced ever, purpose-built for the toughest off-road challenges and road adventures. Every single innovation, engine enhancement, premium specification and ergonomic refinement is about delivering an epic ride.

The Triple engine has been significantly updated for more immediate torque lower down with peak power of 141PS and lighter exhaust for an even more thrilling Triple soundtrack.

Significantly lighter by up to 10kg, both new XC’s boast over 100 improvements for better handling. With Triumph Shift-Assist, new ‘Off-Road Pro’ rider mode and enhanced ergonomics, the new XC is now even more capable off-road, and on. Featuring the highest level of state-of-the-art technology ever, with adaptive cornering lighting, full-colour TFT instruments, up to six riding modes, all LED-lighting, illuminated switchgear, keyless ignition and more Tiger style, the Tiger 1200 XC is literally born for adventure.

Tiger 1200 XR


With an unparalleled 80-year bloodline, this is without doubt the most advanced Tiger XR range ever created. With an even more advanced road-focused adventure set-up, from four new models, each packed with its own dedicated level of technology, a major engine upgrade and a new level of capability for maximum all-road, all-day comfort.

Lighter, by up to 11kg, with over 100 improvements including, new Triumph Shift-Assist, enhanced ergonomics, a lighter freer-flowing exhaust and Triple engine significantly updated for more immediate torque lower down and peak power of 141PS, the XR delivers a wonderful new soundtrack to match its epic adventure capability.

Featuring the highest level of state-of-the-art technology, with adaptive cornering lighting, full-colour TFT instruments, up to five riding modes, all LED-lighting, illuminated switchgear, keyless ignition, more Tiger style and the most comprehensive line-up ever, the Tiger 1200 XR family is better in every way.


For riders who want the best, the highest level of technology, more responsive Triple engine and enhanced ergonomics, the 1200 XC range delivers ultimate off-road capability and all-road comfort. With two models to choose from, the adventure-ready XCx and top specification XCA together represent a new range which is as epic off road, as it’s always been on.

Tiger 1200 XCx

Fully-equipped for maximum off-road and road-based adventure, the XCx is 5kg lighter than its predecessor, and comes with five riding modes (including the all-new 'Off-Road Pro'), new full-colour 5" adjustable TFT instruments, backlit switchcubes, keyless ignition, LED lighting, new blacked out wheels, and a host of core features including Triumph Semi-Active Suspension, optimised cornering ABS and optimised cornering traction control.

Tiger 1200 XCA

The pinnacle of the range with the highest level of technology ever, a full 10kg lighter, enhanced ergonomics, and a major engine update, it’s built for truly epic adventures. Featuring unique top model specification, including adaptive cornering lighting, Triumph Shift Assist, Arrow silencer, six riding modes and touring screen, plus a considerable and impressive list of additional technology.  This is the ultimate Tiger.


The new 1200 XR range is the most comprehensive road-focused Tiger ever. With enhanced ergonomics, the highest level of technology, a major engine update, and more all-day comfort and premium style, they are ready to take you everywhere; from your daily ride to transcontinental tour. With four models, each with their own dedicated set-up, the new XR range is quite simply epic.

Tiger 1200 XR

With trademark agile handling, commanding riding position, and thrilling updated Triple engine this is a superb entry point into the Tiger 1200 XR range. Add to that three riding modes, electronically adjustable screen, cruise control, switchable ABS and traction control, new wheels, new silencer, improved ergonomics, enhanced style and 2kg weight saving, and you’ve got a Tiger with real bite.

Tiger 1200 XRx

The intuitive new XRx model delivers an even higher specification with adjustable full-colour 5" TFT display, three riding modes, backlit switchcubes, LED lighting and keyless ignition. There's also a 2kg weight saving and high spec core features including; Triumph Semi-Active Suspension, optimised cornering ABS, optimised cornering traction control and heated grips, and you’ve got a Tiger built to take you everywhere.

Tiger 1200 XRx (Low Ride Height)

With accessibility front of mind, the Tiger 1200 XRx also comes as a Low Ride Height option. This model features a tailor-made suspension and seat set-up,  plus all the XRx’s advanced specification. With a low 810mm seat height (compared with 855mm on the standard XRx), it can be lowered again by a further 20mm to 790mm by using the adjustable seat mechanism.

Tiger 1200 XRT

Push your adventure to the absolute limit with the top-spec XRT. 11kg lighter and loaded with unique top spec features including adaptive cornering lighting, Triumph Shift Assist, Arrow silencer, five riding modes, all-LED lighting, hill hold and touring screen, plus an astonishing list of new and core technology, this fully-loaded XRT is built to take you everywhere. First class.



This is the highest level of state-of-the-art technology ever on a Tiger, and each element has been selected and integrated with the sole purpose of delivering the perfect ride.  In fact the new 1200 XC and XR line-up are without doubt the most technologically advanced motorcycles Triumph have ever made.

These exciting improvements, all developed for maximum comfort and control, include; adaptive cornering lighting, full-colour adjustable TFT instruments, up to six riding modes, new ergonomic switchcubes with elegant backlit buttons and 5-way joystick, signature all-LED lighting, Triumph Shift Assist, keyless ignition and updated cruise control.

On top of this comes a host of core technologies that are at the heart of the Tiger 1200s' epic riding experience, including; Triumph Semi-Active Suspension (TSAS), integrated braking system, optimised cornering ABS, optimised cornering traction control, hill hold, electrically adjustable screen, heated grips, heated rider and pillion seats, powered sockets (12v and USB) and an immobiliser.




Up to 11kg lighter

Significant weight savings across the entire 1200 range (of up to 11kg) deliver enhanced agility and low-speed manoeuvrability.

Next generation 141PS Triple engine

The most powerful shaft-driven engine in class undergoes a significant update for more immediate power lower down; plus, top spec models gain an Arrow silencer.

Adjustable full-colour TFT instruments & illuminated switchgear

Dynamic new full-colour 5’’ TFT instruments, new ergonomically designed switchcubes and premium backlit buttons give the rider full control.

Up to six riding modes with new ‘Off-Road Pro’

Select from six modes to suit every condition, including: ‘Road’, 'Rain', 'Off-Road', ‘Sport’, ‘Rider-programmable’ and new 'Off-Road Pro', for maximum fun.

Triumph Shift Assist

All-new Triumph designed system that enables smooth up/down gear changes without the use of the clutch, reducing rider fatigue.

Signature All-LED lighting

Including LED headlight, tail-light, auxiliary lights, indicators and signature Daytime Running Light (DRL), all designed for maximum visibility and style.

Enhanced riding ergonomics

Incorporating a new seat compound and revised handlebar geometry for a commanding riding position and enhanced comfort, benefiting a wider range of riders.

Even more Tiger style

New premium bodywork, road and off-road wheels, and the highest level of finish with premium graphics and finishes enhance that Tiger style.

Exceptional control

Key to our integrated technology system, Triumph Semi-Active Suspension (TSAS), optimised cornering ABS, and optimised cornering traction control all work together to deliver maximum rider confidence.

Hill hold

Hill hold prevents the motorcycle from rolling back/forward when setting off on a steep incline/decline; particularly beneficial when fully-loaded.

Premium specification equipment

There’s an incredible level of standard equipment, including; Brembo front brakes, WP suspension, electronically adjustable screen, integrated braking system, and torque-assist clutch.



With more than 50 Triumph genuine accessories you can add even more comfort, capability and style. Using our online configurator you can build your perfect adventure with even more premium features such as; an aluminium belly pan, heated grips, heated low rider and pillion seats, high touring screen, Arrow silencer and engine protection bars. A wide range of Triumph standard luggage is also available including; aluminium top box and panniers, waterproof inner bags, tank bag and a many soft luggage options. All of our accessories are tested to the same exacting standards of our motorcycles and come with a 2-year warranty.



Triumph have partnered with Gore-Tex® to offer a wide range of quality textile protective clothing for adventure riders, including waterproof clothing for those harsher conditions.

If you want to show your passion for an adventure and your favourite ride, a range of high quality casualwear has been produced to complement the new Tiger 1200 range.


Tiger 1200 XRx

17.390,00 €

Tiger 1200 XRx

The new mid-range XRx, with its more responsive engine, enhanced rider ergonomics and advanced technology, delivers a new level of performance, capability and style.

With all the features you'll find on the base XR, the new XRX adds a major step up with all-new technology, including: adjustable full-colour TFT display, ergonomic backlit switchcubes, keyless ignition, four riding modes, and LED lighting and DRL* all as standard.

Add to that a step up in core features, including; Triumph Semi-Active Suspension, optimised ABS and cornering traction control, heated grips and you get a brilliantly versatile adventure bike, that’s as perfect touring the world’s highways as it is for your everyday ride.

Tiger 1200 XRt

19.390,00 €

Tiger 1200 XRt

Enjoy that first-class feeling on your travels, with the highest-specification ‘fully-loaded’ Tiger 1200 XRT.

This is a motorcycle that's packed with more power, advanced ergonomics and the absolute highest level of state-of-the-art technology ever on a Tiger XR, all to deliver the ultimate road-focused adventure.

In terms of exciting additional features, the XRT stands above all others in the XR range, adding to its existing specification with; adaptive cornering lighting, Triumph Shift Assist, all-LED lighting, titanium and carbon fibre-wrapped Arrow silencer, five riding modes to tailor your ride, hill hold, heated grips and seats, and an electrically adjustable touring screen.

Tiger 1200 XRx Low


Tiger 1200 XRx Low

The new road-loving Tiger 1200 XRx Low Ride Height (LRH) model is an even more accessible version of this easy-handling bike, and is perfect for touring the world’s highways.

The more responsive Triumph Triple engine, enhanced ergonomics, lighter exhaust system and state-of-the-art technology from new full-colour TFT instruments and switchgear and four riding modes, are just a few of the many features designed into this latest generation XRx.

Tiger 1200 XCx

18.390,00 €

Tiger 1200 XCx

There’s a world of adventure out there, and the amazing Tiger 1200 XCx will take you there in style with a major step up in off-road set-up.

Significant engine upgrades, new technology, ergonomics and a weight saving of 5kg add up to a Tiger built to take on every adventure with total confidence.

Radically better off road you’ll immediately benefit from the all-new ‘Off-Road Pro’ riding mode, which is designed to turn off ABS and traction control for maximum off-road fun. All this comes on top of advanced core technology, including Triumph Semi-Active Suspension, optimised cornering ABS, and traction control, making the XCx a truly epic adventure bike.

Tiger 1200 XCa

20.590,00 €

Tiger 1200 XCa

When you’re ready to face the ultimate in adventure riding, the top specification 1200 XCA lets you leave the everyday behind, with a Tiger that’s now as great off-road as its always been on.

With an amazing weight saving of 10kg, the latest Triple engine together with huge technology and ergonomic enhancements, this Tiger is more agile and capable than ever before.  

As it’s the highest spec model, there’s a serious step up in features over the XCx with adaptive LED cornering lighting, Triumph Shift Assist for seamless clutchless gear changes, a premium Arrow silencer, and six riding modes including ‘Rider Programmable’ and ‘Off-Road Pro’.

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